Asternauts Sweeps Up Awards on the Festival Circuit

May 2012 - Columbia University Film Festival, New York City, USA - North American Premiere
Winner: Best Film Award (Student Selects)

May 2012 - Cannes Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

June 2012 - 40th Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca, Spain - International Premiere

June 2012 - Porto7 International Short Film Festival, Porto, Portugal
Winner: Best Screenplay

June 2012 - Jerry Goldsmith Awards, Cordoba, Spain
Nominated: Best Music in a Live Action Short Film

July 2012 - Imagine Science Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland

July 2012 - Bangkok International Student Film Festival, Bangkok, Thailand

August 2012 - NociCortinFestival, Noci, Italy
Winner: Special HollyShorts-NociCinema Award

August 2012 - HollyShorts Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, USA
Winner: Best Cinematography

August 2012 - Fandana Film Festival, Huntington, IN, USA

September 2012 - DC Shorts Film Festival, Washington, DC, USA

September 2012 - BuSho Budapest Short International Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary

September 2012 - Malta International TV Short Film Festival, Malta
Nominated: Best Screenplay
Nominated: Best Comedy
Nominated: Best Production Design

October 2012 - Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis, IN, USA

October 2012 - LA Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, USA

October 2012 - Molodist International Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

October 2012 - Hofer Filmtage (International Film Festival Hof), Hof, Germany - German Premiere

October 2012 - Gold Coast International Film Festival, Long Island, USA


Inside Out Bastrop


Here is a web featurette Sandbox Hero created for design mind, a quarterly publication published by digital innovation company, frog. It was a sincere pleasure working with Sam Martin on the making of this behind-the-scenes documentary and we look forward to many more future collaborations!


The resilience of a Texas town faced with wildfires is documented as part of the Inside Out project.

By Sam Martin

As the editor of design mind, quite a few interesting stories come across my desk, but rarely do I get the chance to get out from behind my computer and dig into them as deeply as I want to. That was not the case with a story in this issue about JR and his Inside Out Project.

I had seen the French street artist on stage in Edinburgh at TED Global reminding the audience about Inside Out and showing us how various communities around the world were creating the project (Inside Out is a global community art effort that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to express and empower themselves by pasting up giant posters of local people). People from Kathmandu to New York to Tokyo to Tunisia were gathering large crowds with their own Inside Out actions. Some were political statements. Others were displays of togetherness. Still others were experiments on the power of visual art. The graphic images of one action in particular from the South Bronx in New York were so stunning that we decided to put one on the cover of the magazine.

I also started wondering how this whole Inside Out action gets done, so I decided to do one myself. Thus Inside Out Bastrop was born.

Bastrop is a small Texas town about 30 miles east of Austin. In September, it was at the epicenter of the some of the most destructive wildfires in the nation this year. Downtown Bastrop was untouched but the fires burned over 30,000 acres outside of town, leveling over 1,700 homes and leaving more than 5,000 people homeless. It ended up being the worst fire in Texas history. When I decided to do an Inside Out Project, I immediately thought of doing it in Bastrop. I never thought the city needed beautification. That’s not why I chose Bastrop. I chose it because it seemed like the town needed help and I wanted to see if art could help — specifically, I wanted to see if I could show the local community that the faces of the Bastrop people, and the firefighters, and the volunteers who are still coming to help clean up were not faces of defeat, but that they were faces of strength. I wanted to show that Bastrop wasn’t going anywhere, fires be damned.

And so, I put a team together and in three weeks we managed to convince more than 40 people to stand in front of our camera, lobby the City of Bastrop (specifically the Bastrop Art in Public Places Commission) that our idea was a good one, and find and secure a wall upon which to paste our images. On the third weekend, about 24 people from frog’s Austin studio and the community of Bastrop were elbow deep in wheat paste glue slapping up posters on the side of an old corrugated steel warehouse.

In so many ways, Inside Out Bastrop speaks perfectly to the Stuff of Life, which is the theme we sought to get to the bottom of in this issue of design mind. It’s perfect because it really gets at what that “stuff” is. It’s not things. Not houses. Not cars. It’s taking in strangers and neighbors who have no things left. It’s the courage to rebuild. It’s the strength to persevere in the face of hardship. It’s coming together. It’s community.

To read the individual stories of the people whose photos we took and pasted up in Bastrop, visit and for more photos visit


Limited Special Edition DVDs


If you are interested in getting your very own copy of CONLANG on a Special Limited Edition DVD... please email us!

Bonus Features Include:

  • Watching the movie with Esperanto subtitles
  • Interview with Director and Producer
  • Interview with the creator of Uscaniv, the invented language in the film
  • Behind the scenes commentary with lead actors
  • Behind the scenes photos from the set
  • A scene from CONLANG - set in highschool


All donations will go to securing the distribution rights to the film!



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 DVDs are Region Free, NTSC


Conlang review in Oxford's LOCAL VOICE!

"Love to solve Klingon Word Jumbles? Can you provide a complete analysis of the jive term "Catch you on the flip side" back to it's social and historical origins? Can you receit the Gettysburg Address using the "izzle" suffix? Or maybe you're just in the mood for some nerd love? Check out Conlang, a little film about a club dedicated to "constructed languages" and the contest for linguistic superiority. This is a must see film!"

- Oxford's LOCAL VOICE

Screening: Friday 2/11 at 11am and Saturday, 2/12 at 6:20pm Shorts Block



CONLANG hits the film festival circuit

CONLANG wins Best Narrative Short at the

Sidewalk Moving Image Film Festival

in Birmingham, Alabama



Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival

Oxford Film Festival



Esperanto Jugend-Berlin

Universal Esperanto Association

Maryland International Kids FilmFest

Sidewalk Moving Image Film Festival (Best Narrative Short)

Maelstrom Fantasy Film Festival

Philadephia International Film Festival

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival (Honorable Mention)

NYC International Short Film Festival

San Diego International Children's Film Festival

USA Esperanto Conference in Washington, DC

Notacon (Annual Hacker's Conference)

Language Creation Society (Annual Conference)